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A collection of coal mining songs taken from CD "How Are You Off For Coals" by Bob Fox and Benny Graham

Track 1 Medley


Track 2 Funny Names at Tanfield Pit


Track 3 South Medomsley Strike


Track 4 I Wish Pay Friday Would Come


Track 5 The Old Miner


Track 6 Trimdon Grange Explosion


Track 7 Geordie Black


Track 8 A Game For The Crack


Track 9 Little Chance


Track 10 Wor Nanny


Track 11 Going to the Mine


Track 12 The Big Hewer


Track 13 When Its Ours


Track 14 Blackleg Mining Man


Track 15 Farewell Johnny Miner


Track 16 The Miners Lifeguard


Through the folk songs of Bob Fox and Benny Graham the history of coal mining is preserved. They capture perfectly the trials and tribulations of working underground, in that place so aptly described as ‘The Pit’. Throughout the hardships and privations the coal miners retained a great sense of humour, this too is reflected in the songs of Bob and Benny. In the years to come when memories fade and words like ‘cracket’ ‘chummins’ and ‘inbye’ are no longer used, people will learn much from this excellent compilation