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An Andrews House Family


The Hearne Family

John Hearne originated from Lough Conn Mayo in Ireland. There was a large influx of people from Ireland beginning in 1846 during the dreadful Irish potato famine.

John married and lived at Bowes Terrace Andrews House. They had sons Michael and John Patrick who was born in 1889 and a daughter Theresa. John Patrick married Katherine (Kitty) Elliott (pictured right in 1965) and they lived at the part of Byermoor known as ‘Dolly Town’. They had three daughters Rita, Olive and Theresa. The family then moved to 7 Gibraltar Terrace Andrews House. Olive married Thomas Swinburn and they had five children, Frank born 1947 and Cecilia Mary born 1950, Kevin born 1955, Clare born 1959 and Peter born 1963. John Patrick and Catherine eventually moved to Neil Drive Sunniside, John Patrick died in 1967 and Catherine in 1977.

It is thanks to Frank Swinburn that these new photographs relating to Andrews House have emerged.


Pictured above on the left Frank Swinburn in 1949 at Gibraltar Terrace, the only known photograph which shows the front of either Gibraltar Terrace or Marley Hill Terrace. Pictured on the right Olive Swinburn (nee Hearne) with her children Frank and Cecilia.


On the left Olive Swinburn and her daughter Cecilia c1951, on the right Cecilia at play c1955.


Photographed on the left is with their Aunt Theresa, are Kevin, Frank and Cecilia.

Photographed on the right and left to right, Yvonne Palmer, Pearl Taskas and Frank Swinburn at Gibraltar Terrace c1952.


This a photograph of Marley Hill Colliery Band c1900

John Patrick Hearne is seated cross legged on the right, seated behind him is his father John. Michael Hearne is standing third from the the right middle row.


Marley Hill Colliery Band 1932

John Patrick Hearne is standing second from the left. Sammy Alfreds is seated with a double bass second from the right.


The Byermoor Exiles Football Team 1910 So called because they were Irish immigrants. Three of the Hearne family played in the team, J Hearne, T Hearne, T Hearne.


Photographs from Andrews House across the valley to Marley Hill Colliery, on the left the old Colliery Houses can be seen prior to demolition and on the right the Colliery in 1985.


Two views of Andrews House (now completely demolished)


Olive Hearne (revisiting her home at Andrews House) and her sister Theresa


Pictured on the left Sheila McGahon & Theresa Hearne, pictured on the right, Olive Hearne as a child on the left, at the First May Queen procession c1928. The May Queen is Kathleen Kilkenny of Byermoor.


The wedding of Rita Hearne to Alan McKenzie Left to right: Tessie (John Patricks sister), Theresa, Alan McKenzie, Rita, John Patrick Hearne, Catherine Hearne and Olive Hearne. (the names of the lady and soldier in the rear are not known)


We don’t usually feature an individual family on our website, but Frank Swinburn was kind enough to offer us the use of his family photographs portraying life at the long demolished Andrews House. We are grateful to him and his sister Cecilia, we are happy to report that already hundreds of people have viewed the Hearne Family web entry.

Frank Swinburn (pictured above in March 2007) remembers many of the people who lived at Andrews House in the 1940/50’s.

Gibraltar Terrace: No 1) Mr & Mrs Gofton with sons Andy & Steve. No2) Jack & Mrs Humble with son John, they had a daughter who died in a road accident. When the Humbles moved to Stanley, Jim Knight with his wife and sons Steve & Billy moved in. No3) Jimmy Taskas his wife Audrey and children Pearl & John. No4) Joe Gibson with daughter & son-in-law also George Watson. No5) ??. No6) Jim & Mary Collingwood with dog Flossy. No7) The Hearne Family. No8) Mr & Mrs Gilhespie with son Jim. 9) Dick Palmer with his wife and daughter Yvonne. 10) Kit Lyons with his wife & daughter Pauline, son Wilfred. 11) Prynne’s with son. 12) Mr & Mrs Barker with daughter & son-in-law.

Marley Hill Terrace: Mr & Mrs Gibson with son Les. Mr & Mrs Morton with two daughters and son John. Mr & Mrs Soulsby with son Dan. Mr & Mrs Hurd with daughter Eleanor and son John. Fred & Mrs Snell with sons Derek, Ronnie and daughter Pamela. Mr & Mrs Fullerton with son Jimmy.

Sadly Frank died on Thurday 24th November 2012 aged 65 years. He was good natured quietly spoken gentleman and will be very much missed by all who knew him, especially his family.


It would be ideal to possess all census returns but that is virtually an impossible task. We have one page which we thought may be of interest. 1901 Census Andrews Houses

Head of house: Colliery joiner Thomas Young aged 26, wife Susannah aged 22. Son George aged 2. Sister in law Jenny Sharpe aged 8.

Head of House: Coal hewer Michael Hearne aged 44, wife Mary aged 34. Daughters Mary aged 15, Lena aged 13, Agnes aged 10, Teresa aged 3, Kate aged 1 month. Sons John aged 12, James aged 9, William aged 2.

Head of house: Coal hewer James Joyce aged 39, wife Mary aged 37. Daughters Ann aged 10, Margaret aged 5. Sons Henry aged 13, Lawrence aged 7, Michael aged 2, Austin aged 2 months.

Head of house: Colliery joiner Robert Young aged 27, wife Margaret aged 24. Son Norman aged 4. Daughter Mary aged 2.

Head of house: Engine driver Henry Kirtley aged 37. Daughter Catherine aged 26, Housekeeper. Son Matthew aged 22, Locomotive fireman.

Head of house: Coal hewer Edward Rudd aged 38, wife Mary aged 39.

Unfortunately the census returns are handwritten, in some cases so badly that it was impossible to decipher some names.

Cecelia (Cis) is engaged in a detailed family research and would welcome hearing from anyone with information, in particular any family members.

Should anyone have any knowledge of the whereabouts of Byermoor Sacred Heart Church archive material, Cis would love to hear from you.